#GMVEMSC Training: Yoda’s COVID Points for Public Safety: Outbreaks

There have been a lot of questions recently about COVID-19 outbreaks in our region.  An outbreak is four or more cases in one setting.


There are, and have been, multiple such outbreaks in our region.  Some are active; some are now considered under control, having no new cases.


When law enforcement, fire, dispatch, and EMS become aware of outbreaks, it is important to consider that information as FOUO (For Official Use Only).  We do not want the public to make inappropriate assumptions about businesses or locations. 


When outbreaks occur, all cases identified at the location are put in isolation, and contacts with the cases are quarantined.  You should also know that quite often, including some "outbreaks" in our region, it is later determined that the cases of infection turn out not to have been acquired in the workplace.


Finally, it is critically important to remember that COVID is widespread.  Do not mislead your personnel by suggesting that they need to take extra precautions at outbreak locations – the same PPE and precautions need to be used virtually everywhere, and on every public safety call.


Yoda's COVID Points are brought to you by Dayton MMRS with approval of Dr. Marriott, Region 3 RPAB Chair.  We gratefully acknowledge the help and support of GMVEMSC, and public health, public safety, emergency management and other agencies and individuals throughout the region. 

Please send suggestions for future Yoda Points to david.gerstner@daytonohio.gov.



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