#GMVEMSC: FW: Dayton area Fire & EMS request


Hello Fire & EMS Professionals-


First and foremost, we want to thank you for the hard work you have done in the past few months. You have been extremely important to our community during these unprecedent times. As a front-line hero during this pandemic, the American Heart Association would like to invite you and your co-workers to have a part in the Go Red for Women luncheon.


You may have seen people on social media being creative with different virtual challenges. One of the more recent ones is the #DontRush Challenge. Specially, we would want you to change from your duty uniform in to something RED. We would love for you to be a part of creating this excitement with just a RED towel, your daily work attire, your video camera and your creative Go Red transformation.


The whole essence of the challenge is to recognize our front-line workers and watch them transform from work uniforms their Go Red outfit. Your Go Red outfit does not have to be fancy; it can be any red clothing item you own! Please note, that we have specific directions below for our version of the #DontRush video. Here is a few links with sample videos of how this will work:


The #DontRush Challenge asks each person to shoot their own parts separately, email it to me, and they will all be combined to produce a final video. This video will be shown at the opening of the 2020 Dayton Virtual Go Red for Women Luncheon on Thursday, June 4th beginning at 12 pm via Zoom. To register for the event please email Kaytie.bidigare@heart.org!


IMPORTANT - Here are the directions:


#1. Start recording a video of yourself and/or coworkers in your work attire – whether this means being in your scrubs, hard hats, grocery store uniforms, manufacturing uniforms, or personal protective equipment; it is up to you. You or someone in the video will then grab a RED towel from the LEFT (out of camera shot) and bring it into the recording. This part of the video will help to create the illusion that someone has passed you their red towel (see highlighted section below for more details.)


#2. While you are recording yourself and/or group of coworkers, you can dance around, laugh, or do something funny. Then you or someone in the video will take the RED towel and cover your phone or recording device camera with it. You will END the recording with the camera covered by the RED towel at this point. This recording should only be about 5-10 seconds long.


#3. Then, stop the recording. While your camera is off, have everyone, including yourself get dressed in something RED, this is a requirement. Your outfit could be any red outfit, including pajamas, leggings, dresses, or work out clothing.


#4. Once you finish getting ready, start a new recording. To give your video the effect that you got ready within a few seconds, start the recording by uncovering the camera with the same RED towel you used to cover it in the first recording. 


#5. Press start while the towel is covering the camera,  then pull the RED towel away from the camera to reveal your transformation(s). Once you show off your incredible Go Red transformation. Pass your RED towel the RIGHT (out of camera shot) to give the illusion that you're passing it to the next person in the video. Then end your recording! This recording should also only be about 5-10 seconds long.


NOTE: Everyone will appear to be grabbing the RED towel at the beginning of their first video from the LEFT (wearing their work attire) like it is being passed to you by someone. Everyone will pass the RED towel to the RIGHT after showing off their dressed-up look (see video links above for a visual.)


NOTE: Both of your recordings (see attached examples of how both before and after videos will look when you send to me) should only be about 15 to 20 seconds long.


NOTE: This may be easier to record if you utilize the Tik Tok app which can be download on IOS and Android. The Tik Tok app has a unique feature that allows for stop/start recording in one single video. This is NOT a requirement; you may send two separate videos to me. 


Once both videos are completed, please email them to me no later than Friday, May 15th by 5pm to Kaytie.bidigare@heart.org so that they can all be merged together with music. If the file is too large to email, please upload them in our inbox on the American Heart Association Dayton Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AHADayton/.


We are so excited about sharing this video and we hope that you are too! Please confirm if you will or will not be able to participate in this video. If not, no worries. Let me know if you have questions. You can contact me at 586.212.6391 or email me at Kaytie.bidigare@heart.org.







Amy Graham

Quality & Systems Improvement Director

American Heart Association

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