#GMVEMSC: Agency Employee Screening

Because of the extraordinary circumstances and rapidly evolving situation, Dayton MMRS recommends each agency strongly consider implementing the screening process below as soon as feasible for all critical infrastructure facilities such as law enforcement, fire, water and other utilities, and city and county government, and other areas as you see fit. 


This is especially important for EMS personnel, and not just to protect ourselves.  We have had reports of long-term care facilities delaying entry of EMS because their LTC patients are at high risk for COVID-19.  We are working to address that issue at the state level, but if all EMS personnel have been screened at the start of every shift, it will help alleviate those concerns. 


This screening process was developed with Public Health. 


Screening Process:

As personnel report for work, there will be screening station(s) set up at the designated entrance(s).


Screen all employees, students, vendors, and visitors for current illness before or immediately upon arrival to the facility.

·        Does the person have fever, a new cough or a change in a chronic cough, or difficulty breathing/shortness of breath.


If yes to any of the above, deny entry, and recommend that the person call their supervisor to advise they are going home with an illness, and then contact their family physician as needed.


Screening stations should have supplies for cough etiquette and hygiene including 60%-95% alcohol-based hand sanitizer (ABHS), tissues, and no-touch receptacles for disposal.


The same process applies to persons who call-in.  Employees who have signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection must not report to work.  They should be told to contact their personal physician as needed.


Any staff that develop signs and symptoms of a respiratory infection while on-the-job should immediately stop work, put on a facemask, inform their supervisor, and go home to self-isolate.




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