#GMVEMSC: Volunteers Needed - Miami County Fair - August 14th - 20th



The Miami County Fair is quickly approaching. Premier Health EMS Outreach is asking for volunteers to comprise a two-provider gator team on the grounds during the fair.  Providers must be an EMT, Advanced EMT or Paramedic and have successfully completed the 2020 GMVEMSC protocols. 


The shifts are:


Friday   8/14                    11am-11pm

Saturday 8/15                 11am-11pm

Sunday  8/16                    11am-11pm

Monday 8/17                  11am-11pm

Tuesday 8/18                  11am-11pm

Wednesday 8/19            11am-11pm

Thursday 8/20                 11am-11pm


Each volunteer will receive a $25 food voucher per shift and 2 one day passes.


To sign up please contact:

Mark Senseman

937-440-4886 or