#GMVEMSC Protocol: 2020 Protocol Error!!


There has been an error found in the protocol under the NON INITIATION OF CARE section on page 3. For some reason the formatting did not copy over to the protocol page from the original. I have spoken with Dr Marriott and he has advised that the best solution would be to send out an email to the listserv as well as to add it to our revisions for next year. I have include the original for reference. I will also try to get this out through our website and social media accounts. The error is below:

Non-Initiation of Care

o Resuscitation will not be initiated in the following circumstances:

o Deep, penetrating, cranial injuries
o Massive truncal wounds

o DNR Order—present and valid

o Frozen body

o Rigor mortis, tissue decomposition, or severe dependent post-mortem lividity

o Triage demands

o For patients in arrest resulting from BLUNT OR PENATRATING TRAUMA consider not initiating care for injuries obviously incompatible with life (Consider possibility of MIXED MECHANISMS.)

o Prolonged arrest (greater than 10 minutes)

The original showed the highlighted area under the Trauma considerations. Please replace this page with the attached NON-INITIATION OF CARE page.

John Russell

Standing Orders Co-Chair


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