#GMVEMSC: Rescue Task Force (RTF) Awareness Training Notice

Please see the announcement below from the Ohio Division of EMS.  This is a great step forward; as far as we know, Ohio is the first state in the nation to require RTF Awareness Training for all EMS providers.  Our region’s MMRS Regional Collaborative RTF members should be extremely proud of their efforts.  When you watch this Ohio Awareness Training, you will see that it is consistent with the program our region has worked so hard to operationalize.  BTW, Ohio will only require this one time, so keep your certificate.  OEMS said it will “count” even if you take the training  now, before the requirement is in effect.


Be sure to share this online awareness course with your law enforcement agencies.  Ohio’s course is also consistent with the regional training we offer for our law enforcement.


Finally, if you, or your agency, are not part of the Regional Collaborative RTF, now is the time!  Send an email to Dayton MMRS and we’ll get you started.


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From: Ohio EMS [mailto:OhioEMS@info.dps.ohio.gov]
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Subject: Rescue Task Force Awareness Training Notice


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Ohio Emergency Medical Services

Melvin House, Executive Director




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Rescue Task Force Awareness Training

The standard fire/EMS response to active shooter incidents has been to stage in a secure location until law enforcement mitigates the threat and secures the area to create a safe scene for fire/EMS operations. Unfortunately, while waiting for a secure scene, those injured during the incident aren't receiving care and are dying from their injuries. The Rescue Task Force (RTF) concept is designed to get lifesaving medical treatment to victims in “active shooter” events much sooner than traditional deployment methods. It involves placing EMS providers in forward positions, protected by law enforcement, to provide emergency medical intervention immediately while efforts to secure the scene continue.

With a goal to save lives, the RTF concept focuses on the needs and care of victims, not responders. Known as “warm zone integration,” the RTF consists of EMS and law enforcement personnel who work together to provide immediate basic medical care to victims—EMS members of the RTF work with law enforcement officers, in areas cleared by law enforcement personnel, to deliver immediate medical intervention for readily treatable injuries, such as severe bleeding and airway compromise. The team then stabilizes victims for evacuation to definitive care. The RTF differs from Tactical EMS, which usually focuses on medical care for the responders. 

In an effort to encourage implementation of the rescue task force concept in Ohio, the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services (EMFTS) established an ad hoc committee to pursue the development of awareness level training on the concept. The committee, consisting of EMS, fire, and law enforcement personnel completed development of the training in late 2017. The program was converted to a narrated online training module by the Ohio Department of Public Safety in the first quarter of 2018. The goal of the training module is to provide EMS, fire, and law enforcement personnel with an awareness of the RTF concept, and to better understand the need for, and role of an RTF. It is the foundational training that will prepare for additional operational level training required for RTF participation, should local EMS, fire, and law enforcement leaders decide to implement the rescue task force concept in their community.

All EMS providers are encouraged to login to the Ohio Department of Public Safety Training Campus (PSTC) to view the Rescue Task Force Awareness Training Module (Catalog ID WBT906). The Public Safety Training Campus can be accessed via the Division of EMS website or via the following link:


Upon completion of the training module, students will have the opportunity to print a certificate of course completion. Students should keep a copy of the certificate in their files, as successful completion can be used to fulfill current continuing education requirements, as well as meet future Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) requirements.*

Future Requirements

In order to ensure all EMS providers are aware of the RTF concept, the EMFTS Board has taken steps to require that all EMS providers receive the Rescue Task Force Awareness training*. Effective with changes to the Ohio Administrative Code, planned for the first quarter of next year, the following will be implemented: 

  • Rescue Task Force Awareness training will be incorporated into Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) initial training.
  • All EMS providers (EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic) will be required to view the Rescue Task Force Awareness Training Module, with successful completion of the training credited toward continuing education (CE) necessary for certificate renewal. 

Information on the changes to the EMR and EMT curricula and continuing education requirement will be provided once details have been finalized.

Questions regarding the Rescue Task Force Awareness training should be forwarded to the Division of EMS Education Section at 614.466.9447 or EMSEducation@dps.ohio.gov.

*EMS providers will only be required to complete the Rescue Task Force Awareness training one time, either through an initial EMR or EMT course or online, in order to meet continuing education requirements.


Melvin R. House

Executive Director

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Division of Emergency Medical Services

1970 W. Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio 43218-2073

(614) 466-9447

(614) 995-4752


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