#GMVEMSC: FW: Internship Opportunities with the Dayton Fire Department

Are you or someone you know interested in a paid internship with the Dayton Fire Department?  If so, please consider applying! See below for more information.


Dayton Fire Department Internships 
Two municipal fire department internships provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and understanding of governmental processes through work experiences in public safety. Dayton Fire Department offers two internship opportunities. 


The Public Safety Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) Intern deals primarily with planning and preparedness for disasters, terrorism, mass casualty incidents, and other major events, at both the city and regional levels.  That student will have opportunities to work with area hospitals and public health agencies to help the region prepare to respond to large-scale incidents. 


The Strategic Programs and Safety Intern will assist with strategic planning, health and safety, fire prevention, community education, and emergency planning within the Department of Fire. That intern will collaborate on projects in several fields, including: strategic planning, marketing, community outreach, research, and survey development and implementation.


All majors accepted for both internships.


These one year internships are offered starting the fall semester of 2018, with students beginning in September and serving until August. Interns are expected to work 1520 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours per week during the summer.

Any full-time student enrolled at an institution of higher education is eligible to apply for the internship program. Applications are only being accepted for a limited time. 
How to Apply 
All students are hired through the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education's (SOCHE) Intern program. Current postings can be found
at:  https://access.socheintern.org/default.soche


Once you have created an account with SOCHE, you’ll be able to click on each listing and get more information about it.  The Dayton Fire internships can be found by selecting the Public Safety Metropolitan Medical Response System Intern, the Strategic Programs and Safety Intern Intern, or both options.  Apply now!

Questions can be directed to:

david.gerstner@daytonohio.gov (MMRS)

nicholas.hosford@daytonohio.gov (Strategic Programs and Safety)

ross.bales@daytonohio.gov (current MMRS intern)