#GMVEMSC: Recent board of pharmacy visits

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Date: April 5, 2018 at 11:13:02 AM EDT
To: Lisa Rindler <lrindler@gdaha.org>, Jill Neitzel <jneitzel@gdaha.org>
Subject: Please Post With My Council Signature to the List Serve.

The BOP is actively inspecting departments in our area.  They are testing doors and other areas of stations to make sure that doors latch and overall the station is secure.  They are not taking hinge pins off the doors.  They have used a credit card to test locks to make sure they can't slip a lock with the card.  When it comes to locking up the medic if you are on a call then the medic does not need locked up while on the call but please when at the hospitals do not leave a drug bag laying in the patient compartment area and the doors wide open.  Please try to bring the bag inside with you.  If the bay doors or station doors are propped open then you can expect a visit if they drive by and in those cases please make sure the medics are secured if there are no personnel in the bay.  The BOP is also checking for Oxygen Fill Logs.


Wet Ink signatures are still needed in a form if your E-PCR is not compliant with the BOP requirements attached is a form that Huber Heights uses that is compliant with the BOP requirements.  Also these forms are to be kept at the station the run originates from or a waiver form needs completed.  If there are questions about this please contact myself or Chief Knisley at kknisley@hhoh.org as they just had an inspection by the BOP.


The BOP also wants a copy of the Protocol in a binder at the station with a notarized medical director signature authorizing the use of the protocols.  You do not need to upload your personnel list or protocols anymore either.


Please contact me with any questions.


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