#GMVEMSC Training: FW: Ohio Fire Chiefs’ State Emergency Response System First Responder Tracking Survey

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Ohio Emergency Medical Services

Robert L. Wagoner, Executive Director




The Ohio Fire Chiefs' State Emergency Response System, the Ohio Division of EMS, and the Ohio State Fire Marshal's Office personnel are working to track first responder staffing issues throughout Ohio.  We are aware that along with the increase in overall COVID positive cases, there are also impacts on emergency services personnel.  Please consider completing this simple survey at least weekly by 10am each Wednesday.  More frequent completion is preferred, especially if you have staffing shortages from pre COVID-19 levels.  We would prefer only one submission per agency per day.

Thank you for your continued dedication to Ohio's fire and EMS services.  It is our hope that you and your personnel remain safe and healthy as we work to meet the daily challenges of this pandemic together.