#GMVEMSC: FW: Awareness Info for ALL Police, Fire, EMS, and Dispatch Agencies.

Please forward to all police, fire, EMS, and public safety dispatch agencies, especially in Clark and Champaign Counties.


Dayton MMRS with Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA) and others are conducting a series of exercises called “Dawn of a New Day.”  One of these full-scale exercises will be held tomorrow, Thursday, October 4th at 1000 Hours.  Clark State Community College Brinkman Education Center in downtown Springfield will provide a simulated incident scene, and two hospitals – Springfield Regional Medical Center and Mercy Urbana Hospital will be involved.  The exercise will conclude before 1300.


The scenario is an active shooter with an IED as part of a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack.  There will be sounds of gunfire and a muffled explosion at the incident scene at the Brinkman Education Center only


There will not be any perpetrator, gunfire, or explosions at the other two locations (SRMC or Mercy Urbana).  However, there will be busloads of simulated and moulaged (i.e., with injury makeup) victims at each of those locations.


We are taking numerous steps to ensure that everyone knows of the exercise and to prevent it being confused with a real world event. 

·        Both Clark State and Mercy Health have put out press releases. 

·        Videos describing the exercise have been made available to hospital employees and many others. 

·        Mercy and Clark State are both posting signage about the exercise, both outside and inside. 

·        We’ve sent out a “Player Guide,” which I’ve attached.

·        The hospitals will make multiple overhead announcements during the exercise. 

·        Each victim-actor will wear a lanyard with multiple envelopes.  Each envelope will be marked as “Victim-Actor” along with other information.  Other role-players (press, family) will have a badge on a lanyard (roughly 3” x 5”) stating that they are Actors (Press-Actor/Family Actor).

·        The “perpetrator” (who will only be at Brinkman) will wear a sign saying Exercise ACTOR (Perpetrator)

·        In addition to insisting that all phone, radio, and written communications include, “This is an exercise message,” we are also encouraging as often as practical, that the players say out loud “This is an exercise message” while they’re in the hospital. 


We wanted all of you to be aware.  Should you have questions, please contact me. 


                           David N. Gerstner

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