#GMVEMSC: Announcing Phyllis Harover's Retirement

We are both happy and sad to announce that Phyllis Harover will be retiring after 43 years of service.


Phyllis started as a charge nurse/supervisor at Sycamore Medical Center, on night shift in ED when the doors opened in 1978. She has been a nurse for 59 years and has served in many roles. She has taught paramedic classes at Sinclair and Butler Tech, has been a pharmaceutical rep, an assistant vice president of nursing and a nurse practitioner serving in the network emergency departments. Phyllis is a believer and role model of lifelong learning, she received her Nurse Practitioner degree later in her career and at work I would often hear her say, “I just read an interesting article on…”. Phyllis is known for her energy, her knowledge and her passion for nurturing new nurses.


Phyllis will enjoy her retirement spending time with her sons, and grandchildren. She plans on spending much of her time golfing and traveling with her husband.


When they interviewed Phyllis for receiving the Leader’s Choice Award she stated:


“They won’t remember me 50 years from now, but they’ll remember what we stood for. It’s not about the individual person; it’s about what we collectively stand for when we care for patients”.


Phyllis’ impact on the profession of nursing will not be forgotten.


Please come and celebrate her retirement (see attachment).


Never Forget the Difference your Mentoring has made… we never will.

Come celebrate the retirement of Phyllis Harover, RN

With cake and punch!

June 16th, 3:00-5:30pm Café Conference Room

Sycamore Medical Center


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