CQI Committee Request

The GMVEMSC CQI Committee would like to assess its process on collecting QA/QI data from a single PCR. We are asking fire department based EMS to evaluate this process. This assessment would include downloading an Excel spreadsheet, Single PCR Workbook. Using this spreadsheet would determine if your single PCR matches our measurements. If a match occurs, click on the hyperlink to complete a short survey.

We have less than a month before our next meeting, Oct 4th at 1130. And we would like to discuss this assessment at the meeting. Please direct any feedback to chris64brock@gmail.com or bring it to the meeting.

A couple things:
If you query multiple PCRs to perform your QA/QI, please still evaluate this process. We want all the feedback we can get. We will be testing our multiple PCR process soon.

· All measurements in this assessment are draft measures and have not been approved by the CQI Committee.
· There are only 4 call categories in this assessment, which are:
o Chest Pain
o Fall
o Cardiac Arrest (only transports, no field terms)

Thank you for your time,
Chris L. Brock
Fairborn FD