#GMVEMSC Protocol: Immediate Change - Ketamine JITSO!!!


It has been brought to the attention of RPAB and the standing orders committee that there is a dosing error in the Combative Patient protocol. Somehow over time we have adopted and changed the dosing to include a repeat dose that allowed a provider to give a total of 1000mg of Ketamine. This is outside the current recommendations for dosing of Ketamine, it also presents an issue in our region requiring the presence of an additional drug bag to complete the repeat dosing. 

After lengthy discussion and communication with the members of RPAB it has been decided to make an IMMEDIATE change to the dosing and use of Ketamine in the Combative Patient protocol. I have attached the JITSO that has both the change to the Combative Patient section and the change to the drug formulary of Ketamine as well. 

These changes take effect immediately and will also be reflected in the 2021 protocol. These changes will be uploaded and reflected on website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email below.

John Russell


Standing Orders Co-Chair


937.626.2323 – Cell